IPA Mission

Identity Statement

We are Presentation women
who share the charism
of our foundress, Nano Nagle.
We reach out in faith, in a spirit of hospitality,
compassion and simplicity to all of creation.
The cry of those made poor and the cry of Earth
call us to continue the mission of Jesus
to bring forth a sustainable society
founded on respect for Earth,
universal human rights, economic justice
and a culture of peace.

2003/2007/2012 Assemblies

IPA-LogoMission of IPA

Flowing from our identity as Presentation women
the mission of IPA is to channel our resources
so that we can speak and act
in partnership with others for global justice.

2003/2007/2012 Assemblies

Direction Statement

As Presentation people impelled by the radical gospel of Jesus and on fire with the spirit of Nano, we consciously choose to be drawn more deeply in to the mystery of God, the mystery of Oneness and the reality of people and Earth made poor. Energised by this evolving consciousness we engage in expansive partnerships that move us to personal and systemic transformation.

2012 Assembly

Commitments from the 2012 IPA Assembly

We commit ourselves to:

1. Intentionally name and claim the work of Presentation people wherever they minister as essentially the mission of IPA.

2. Create space for contemplation and new ways of expressing evolving consciousness of our interconnectedness with all creation, especially with those made poor.

3. Explore ways of ‘widening the tent’ (Is 54:2) to further the IPA mission and identify specific elements of our goals which could be enhanced/progressed by strategic partnerships with people/groups with similar values.

4. Form international working groups when needed, to assist in bringing information and experience from those engaged in grassroots ministry to our IPA personnel at the UN.

5. Enhance communication by using technology creatively to share resources, to promote interest groups, and to provide educational material about the work of the UN.

Commitments from previous IPA Assemblies

While carrying out the Directions and Commitments of the 2012 IPA Assembly we also continue to be faithful to our commitments from previous IPA Assemblies:

2007 IPA Assembly

We will address the root causes of poverty, especially by confronting personal and corporate greed which exploit Earth, her peoples and the whole community of life.

2003/2007/2012 Assemblies

  • In carrying out our Directions for Mission, we nurture a contemplative stance.
  • We continue to strengthen our Justice Network to work for structural change especially in issues related to
– women and children
– Indigenous peoples
– environment/sustainable living
– human rights.
  • We continue to develop the most effective means to use our NGO status with the Economic and Social Council at the United nations and work with other local, national and international people’s movements and organizations which work for structural change.
  • We are committed to solidarity in mission through the sharing of personnel, finance and other resources.