IPA Assembly September 27

September 27, 2017

Proposals and Future of IPA

We started the day with a sung version of Tagore’s poem by the Indian sisters. We all joined in the refrain “Let thy love play upon my voice and rest on my silence.”

The Listener’s presentation gave a summary of the previous day through music and phrases under the headings affirmation and implication.

We then discussed and affirmed the International Presentation Association (IPA) identity statement from previous Assemblies –

We are Presentation people
who share the charism of our foundress Nano Nagle.
We reach out in faith, in a spirit of hospitality,
compassion and simplicity to all of creation.
We hear the cry of those made poor and the cry of Earth
call us to continue the mission of Jesus
We will bring forth a sustainable society
founded on respect for Earth,
universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace.

We began the process of reviewing the IPA mission statement and its ongoing relevance to the Presentation global presence.

Our focus of discussion for the morning session was underpinned by consideration of three questions:

  • What do you think IPA needs to continue?
  • What do you think IPA needs to bring to birth?
  • What do you think IPA needs to let go of?

After lunch we engaged in conversation in our three unit groups – Union, Conference and Society. This allowed us to collaborate on current issues.

We enjoyed an evening on Sydney Harbour and strengthened connections amongst the Presentation people gathered for the 7th IPA Assembly.

Prepared by Presentation people from Papua New Guinea and Australia

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