IPA Assembly September 28

September 28, 2017

Best Practice on IPA Focal Issues

After our morning gathering for prayer/ritual, and input for reflection for yesterday from the Listeners’, we went to our chosen sessions on one of the four International Presentation Association (IPA) focal issues for global justice. “I reverence the presence of each of our sisters from where they come from and where they are.”

Indigenous Peoples

Sister Mery Cari Paz, Tarija, Bolivia and Sister Mary Ivers of Quito Ecuador led the sessions for two morning groups. “Thanks for the significant stories that you shared – the joys of mission and those people whose life has changed.” “We loved hearing how you ignite the flame of Nano through your work.”  “This was refreshing, to hear about Presentation work in South American countries. It is challenging to be working in a different culture.” “We are blessed to have Mery in this work who knows how to hear her people.” Their stories showed “how you ignite the flame of Nano through our work.”

Women and Children

The sessions on this focus area were presented by South India vice-province, specifically the work and experience of Sister Shanthi Sagayam, Chennai, India; Sister Sudha Rasaya, Chennai, India; and Mr. John Britto of Theni, India. “I reverence the presence of each of our sisters from where they come and where they are.” “Thanks to John, Sudha and Sagayam – they shared their stories of best practice in their social work and advocacy with government at local and state level.” “We were inspired by how they work with women and children: to have their voices heard, their rights given and then making such a difference in their lives lived. The partnership with government agencies, at local and state levels, to achieve these outcomes, was impressive.”

Climate Change

Sister Janice Klein, Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, and Sister Joy Peterson, Dubuque, Iowa, USA, presented the sessions based on their active engagement on care of earth and the affects of climate change. Said one participant in the session: “There was a profound sense that education and awareness-raising WILL make a difference over time and all of us can share examples.” We heard about the effectiveness of pooling resources for education/awareness-raising from like-minded groups for communications especially other religious institutes. “We all know that partnerships make a difference – whether it be in Cork or Aberdeen.”

Forced Movement of Peoples

Presented by Sister Anne McNamara (Slovakia) and Sister Lucy van Kessel (Western Australia), we were reminded how proud we are of our work in this area and how desperate the needs. In the spectrum we found joy, hope, stability, dignity, human rights. And we found solidarity and partnerships.

“This was a witness of the power of presence.”

“I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I listened to the work in very part of the globe. Nano’s charism and spirit is very much alive. There is no need to feel small in our actions. We are as Presentation people making a big difference in our world and we need to affirm ourselves.”

“We were witness to the power of presence. We saw before us the reality of “the two feet of justice.”

Other comments from the day’s sessions:

“I attended ‘Women and Children’ and ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and in each education came forward as being so important. We were all Indigenous people in some stage in our history. And in that Irish history Nano educated to liberate the poor Irish. Nano brought us beyond the poverty of ignorance to face the world exactly we have happening today.”

“‘Climate Change’ and ‘Women and Children’ were both sessions of experience. They were an expression of IPA in action in 2017. The sharings from both presenters on the four focal issues – with participants in each session – invited us into carrying out God’s mission throughout our international congregations.”

We spent time in the afternoon working on the 2012 IPA mission statement and whether it “will be fit for purpose for the next five years.”

Some time was spent working on various proposals for transition to, and/or a new IPA structure that may flow from a reviewed IPA mission statement.

Daily Report prepared with input of Vicky Larson, Victoria Embate, Ann Marie Quinn, Roisin Gannon, Libania Fernandes, Bella Vethemuthu, Anne Lane and group feedback reported back to the Assembly

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