UN Connections

As Presentation people we have become aware that we live in a global world. We are aware that everything is connected and that what happens locally affects the whole world just as what happens globally affects the local situation. Our foundress Nano Nagle had a global vision at a time when people were only beginning to discover the extent of the world’s boundaries. We know that to carry out the mission of Jesus in the spirit of Nano Nagle in today’s global context we need to think globally and act globally and locally in partnership with others.

The International Presentation Association is accredited with the United Nation’s Department of Public Information (DPI) from 1997 and with the Economic and Social council (ECOSOC) from 2000. Guided by the UN Charter, ECOSOC is the one UN body that has established rights for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to observe and contribute to its work.

 IPA uses this consultative status to influence policies at the United Nations on behalf of people and Earth made poor and advocate for systemic justice in collaboration with other likeminded NGOs and religious organizations at the UN.

The IPA NGO Representative at the UN connects the grass roots and the UN by bringing in the experiences of local communities to the UN and facilitating grass root participation at UN events.

The key areas of IPA’s intervention are:
Women and Children
Indigenous people
Sustainable Development
Human rights

Elsa Muttathu PBVM
NGO Representative

Elsa Muttathu, PBVM is the full-time IPA NGO representative based in New York. She works with the United Nations entities, and Governments through various NGO Committees to influence policies and decisions. 

Currently the IPA NGO Representative at the United Nations, with the short term Representative, work with the Mining Working group, NGO Committee on Financing for Development, NGO Committee on Social Development, Working Group on Girls, Committee on Stop Trafficking in Persons, NGO Committee for Commission on the Status of Women, NGO Committee on the UN International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and the Migration Committee.


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